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At the appraisal meeting of scientific and technological achievements of marine ecological Baijiu held in August 2022, the appraisal team represented by Song Shuyu, the chairman of the Chinese Liquor Association, identified 611 qualitative flavor ingredients in Langyatai liquor, 243 of which had not been reported in the history of Baijiu, and found 140 flavor active ingredients, 29 of which were identified as aroma active ingredients for the first time, filling the gap in the industry and laying the leading position in the industry of Langyatai liquor.

Marine Ecological Sauce Flavor

Sauce-flavor liquor

Ocean Ecological Langya Fragrance

Sauce-flavor liquor

Strong aroma of marine ecology

Sauce-flavor liquor

Six Good Brewing Techniques

Good environment

marine environment

36 ° N, 309 kilometers of golden coastline, a marine ecological brewing circle with distinct four seasons

  • good water

    Laoshan Water System

    The underground spring of Dazhu Mountain comes from the Laoshan water system and is rich in various trace elements, which are beneficial for the growth of brewing microorganisms

  • Good Grain

    Base grain

    Selected high-quality sorghum, wheat and other grains from the base are brewed, and the pure grain aroma and liquor aroma are integrated into one

  • Good cellar

    Offshore Old Cellar

    Suspended mud cellar, offshore microbial community, multi round fermentation

  • Good music

    Natural song making

    Collecting microorganisms in the air near the sea, making koji from wheat, barley, and peas, and naturally inoculating them

  • good person

    Crafty brewing

    Baijiu craftsman inherits ingenuity and brews elaborately

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